At Bens Tree Care, we take great pleasure in providing premium firewood and exceptional service.

Bens TC has been operating  since 1995, serving more than 45,000 customers and fulfilling thousands of home deliveries each year. We are direct manufacturer with more than 25 years’ experience in Seasoned and kiln dried  firewood manufacturing and supplier, serving garden centers, restaurants, re-sellers, campers and homeowners alike

Green living, it’s more than a catch phrase for us.

Our lives depend on the trees but so do our ecosystems, so we practice intelligent, sustainable, forestry practices. Just as trees are a long-term resource, so are our plans and strategies for the future. Our products are 100% all-natural and chemical-free, and we do not harvest any endangered tree species. Our woodland management is also independently audited to comply to the Woodland Assurance Standard. This ensures that the firewood we are selling comes from a sustainable local source with a very low carbon footprint and high environmental standards.

Every fire is a new experience, but the time spent by one remains wih us all.

Whether it’s for a wood-burning stove or oven, a fireplace, or a backyard firepit, Bens TC is your source of firewood. Your home will be warm and comfortable even on the harshest of winter nights!.

Bens TC offers you high-quality wood for sale that’s perfectly split to fit your needs and ready to burn! Our great selection of wood is perfectly seasoned for easy lighting and a clean, safe burn.

When you purchase high-end wood from Bens TC, you can breathe easier knowing you are burning the cleanest firewood available. There’s no need to worry about the dangerous emissions you might experience with others.

We know being good neighbors is good business. Like many reputable firewood suppliers around the country, we are keen to sell good quality firewood at a fair price and in such a way that the potential customer can compare ‘apples with apples’. We are looking to maintain strong repeat customer base.

Our products are renowned for their consistent, superior quality and are always harvested via responsible, sustainable forestry practices. They’re 100% all-natural, pest-free, and are the perfect inspiration for a snuggly, cozy adventure at home by the fireplace or in the woods communing with nature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be consistent in providing outstanding firewood with a personalized company-client relationship that delivers an amazing customer experience with every single interaction.

Our Vision

We want Bens TC  to be recognized as a leader in the firewood industry. It is our dream to expand into horizontal and adjacent markets to become a household brand for all of your Fireplace and wood-related needs. 

Values and Beliefs

We believe in creating an environment of enrichment for our customers . We do this by being diverse,  versatile and agile in our systems, product and process. Our goal is for our customers  to gain value and fulfilment when working with us. 

We value hard work, dedication, opportunity and community. Every customer we serve we see as a community member that is part of a network of relationships. By believing in the values of the community we strive to create impactful social change.

Our Promise to our clients

As a fireplace company, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best end-to-end fireplace experience possible. What this means to us is having good communication, being accessible, having unprecedented flexibility, and guaranteeing our quantity and quality on every single order.  We want to make your firewood experience as easy as possible while cherishing the times that you have burning our products. To have a free mind when heating your home and a full heart while burning firewood recreationally.

Products renowned for consistent,
superior quality

All of our products are harvested via responsible, sustainable forestry practices.
They’re 100% all-natural, pest-free, and safe to transport.