Stringer Pallets, Block Pallets, and Skids in Standard and Custom Pallet Sizes

Every year, we sell over 2.5 million pallets, with 4 million board feet of log and lumber inventory. Madison County Wood Products is a fully integrated operation from timber purchasing, logging and sawmilling through pallet assembly and delivery.

The Best Choice for Wooden Pallets

  • We build our wooden pallets using automated nailing machines to ensure our pallets are of the best quality and most accurate.
  • Our Pallet Design Systems (PDS) software allows us to help you optimize your spend by improving the design, safety, and reliability.​
  • Indoor and Covered Outdoor storage is available for your wooden pallets. ​
  • As a vertically integrated wood manufacturer, our log supply is consistent, and our reliability is superior.
  • ​Mold free pallet applications are available. 

Common Industries Our Wooden Pallets Support

We Utilize Pallet Design Systems To Improve Our Applications

  • The pallet is designed for the load, rather than the load for the pallet.
  • Experience improvements in structural soundness and a decrease in product damage.
  • Improves safety and reliability.

We Are Standing By To Help You With Your Pallet Needs

Send us an email and one of our team members will contact you to discuss your pallet needs.


We Make It Easy To Buy Standard Sized Wood Pallets or Custom Sizes

We stock standard 48×40 pallets, and we custom make them to your specific needs. Utilizing PDS (Pallet Design System) we manufacture the pallet to fit the application.

We also retrieve, repair, recycle, and redistribute pallets. 

44 x 44 Pallets

48x40 KD Pine Pallet

48x40 GMA Pallets

48x48 Pallets