Ben's Woodshop for your Food Grade Pellets

Food grade wood pellets, are made purely from hardwood and lack any chemical binders or glues. Since food consumption is the priority they are made with the same standards and practices as any other food grade product, meaning sanitation and health is at the forefront of production and packaging concerns.

Since food grade wood pellets are made specifically for cooking, certain hardwoods are chosen due to the flavor and aroma they produce when smoking. We’ll get into which flavors are produced and how they pair with certain foods a little later.


Select Your Flavour

We believe that every time you light a Premier fire, you’re starting something good. Our sustainable Kiln-to-hearth™ program brings the best firewood directly to your door.


What Makes Our Food grade wood pellets a cut above

Wood pellets are the fuel source of pellet grills and smokers. Pit Boss Grills hardwood pellets are made from 100% all-natural hardwood that is dried and ground into saw dust. The dust is then pressurized at extreme heat to create the compact pellets that are coated and held together with the wood’s natural lignin.

Our Expert Delivery Process

Your Pellet is Prepared

We sustainably source and meticulously inspect each log before kiln-drying to produce the finest pellets.

You Select Your Warmth

Flick through the filters and find the perfect fuel to feed your fire.

We Ship to Your Door

Through our white-glove service, top-of-the-line equipment and industry-leading practices to ship directly to your door and deliver kiln dried wood year-round.


Including manufacturing and transportation costs, it is estimated that burning wood pellets produces 34g carbon dioxide per KiloWatt Hour of heat produced (g/kWh). Compare that with 211 grams for gas and 64 for wood chips. “The Carbon Balance of Woodfuel”, Northern Woodheat, 2010”