HY-C Woodgrain Type 2 Hearth Pad



The HY-C Woodgrain Type 2 Hearth Pad is the ideal choice for protecting your floors from hot coals and flying sparks. It’s undergone rigorous testing to become UL Listed for thermal and ember protection, with an R-value of 1.56. It’s also certified safe to use on the wall in order to reduce the clearances necessary for stove installations, perfect to use when you’re short on space.

With the HY-C Woodgrain Type 2 Hearth Pad, you can broaden your hearth to safeguard the floor in front of the fireplace from intense heat, soot and ashes. Because it’s constructed from metal and micore, this hearth pad is non-combustible and doesn’t transfer heat. This hearth pad offers both superior protection and a fine design.


  • Made in the USA
  • Rectangular style
  • Able to be used under other heating equipment such as kerosene, gas and electric heaters
  • Woodgrain hue is at once both classic and versatile
  • Available in five different sizes


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