Black river epoxy table, custom river table,wooden resin smooth edge, kitchen dining table, made by ElaWoodShop wood, funitur office




our wood and epoxy products are made to order and after the purchase you will apply your opinion at each stage of construction after placing your order, as follows:

• the design and type of wood ✓
• resin color ✓
• base models ✓

We have the honor to offer our customers high quality products and unique goods with the efforts of masters in the field of wood and resin, as well as advanced cutting and sanding machines with the latest version in the world.
in addition we have free shipping most of our shipment with DHL Express airway and safe.(***Please note; our prices do not include free shipping for some countries such as Australia.***) Please ask us before buying to ensure free shipping.

before purchasing you should better to read all points of our store’s law as follows so lead you to have the best purchase:

1. Our woods are mostly made of walnuts and olives with thickness about 4 — 4.5cm keep in mind that the color scheme of each model of wood will be different from the other model due to its naturalness, but we try to provide a design that is close to what you want. but stain of every wood and design of that from a tree to other tree so much different.
Our tables’ wood are in one slab that mean included two or more pieces of woods that pressed to each other.
All our woods is purchased under the supervision of a specialist. All wood will be dried in a kiln after cutting and impregnated with materials to protect willows and termites. They will also be primer to make each table.
The edge of the tables can be made in two ways: live edge and smooth edge. To make a live edge, consider that the width of the table is not the same everywhere and the cost of making a live edge is more.

2. the first class resin use to all our epoxy products. about the color of resin will probably be a slight difference in color between the image and the natural light. in the ocean table you couldn’t see two of them in the same in waves and colors. this work like an art so we try to similar but no one could be the same expect design of that except of our ready to ship items.

3. Metal table base with black color, which are oven-resistant, scratch-resistant.
The legs can be applied in other colors (gold, brown, grey,..) and other materials with your agreement, which will definitely be more expensive. Do not rush to choose the base, you can definitely choose it after purchasing for each item. our bar table don’t have legs but after your purchase you could buy the base separately.
we just have free leg in standard shape as a gift.
The height of our bases is 75 cm (30″) for large dimensions (more than 150 cm(60″) and 45 cm (18″) for coffee table (below the 140cm(52″).
consider; If the customer wants a small size with a longer base than the coffee table, we will add an amount to the price.

***In the case of large tables, please get help from three or four people to install the bases. To turn the table to install a base of wood or resin, be sure to use a soft cloth or carpet under the table. Avoid sharp objects under the table that will scratch it. We will send you special screws and wrenches so the place of the screws in it is completely clear. Screws are attached to the legs in nylon. In the case of tables, the bases will be installed and leveled so that you do not get in trouble while installing it. Large dimensions of the bases will definitely be with chassis. The place of the bases is in accordance with the standard.

4. It will take 3 to 4 weeks to make each resin table under 180 length, but the more than size maybe take 4-6 weeks. It will take 1 to 3 weeks for wooden tables. After completing the goods and delivering them to the shipping company, you will be given a tracking code.

5. Each product will be produced and shipped in turn. Please consider the approximate time provided. We do our best to deliver the products to our dear customers on time, but be sure to wait patiently for the handicrafts. When our products are completed, it will be delivered to the post office and the tracking code will be taken. Shipping time will vary depending on the type of shipping company, sometimes from 3 to 14 days. And this is not in our control at all.

6. The cost of our tables includes the standard base and shipping costs, except of bar table; of course, after the purchase, there may be additional costs associated with taxation (according to the tax laws of each country). In this case, the buyer is responsible for paying the tax. In terms of customs fees, some countries, such as the United Kingdom, receive customs from customers in their own country, and these costs are entirely the responsibility of the customer.
*Please read the laws of your country on the Etsy website to know the extra cost.

7. We will take a photo of the product before shipment if our customer have requested that.
*please consider that without your request we maybe don’t do it. If customers hesitate at the time of approval at any stage of the selection and do not respond; The store will make the selection after 48 hours. Because the completion time according to the rules is a certain time, with each delay in making a decision, it takes longer for your product to be produced and ready to be shipped.

8. We re-check all the work done, and our quality supervisor will comment on sending the goods in accordance with the standard of each product. So we will make sure of the final product. Our packages will be carefully wrapped in several layers, including bubble wrap and soft fiber, unolith and thick cartons, and at the end will be twisted from wooden pallets larger than the dimensions of the table; Will be packaged and protected. In fact, we will send the finished product carefully, therefore in case of any negligence in production and lack of work, we are responsible and ready to compensate it as a restoration of the right to the customer. But *we do not accept product returns, but in case of any shortcomings on our part, we promise that we will compensate.

9.After receiving the goods, please check the packaging first. If the packaging was damaged in such a way, you can be sure that your goods will be damaged; Please be sure to take videos and photos of it. And after opening the goods, take photos and videos of the slightest damage due to transportation and inform the shipping company about this issue. Definitely if you can prove that the goods will be liable to you when the goods are damaged. You can get your product back, but we need to make sure the company refunds the cost so we can start reproducing.

10. After delivery, please use a screwdriver to open the pallets and unscrew the screws. Avoid using a lever; Because it will damage your product.

The opinions each of you dear ones will definitely help us in advancing our work. Your positive feedback will motivate and encourage us.
We will be happy to have your comments and suggestions on our page after receiving it. These comments will definitely help us in the progress of our work. If possible, take film and photos of the products you receive at home and send them to us, which is very valuable to us.


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