PSG Caddy Wood Furnace



Fuel type : Dry cordwood (16″ recommended)
Recommended heating area-ft² : 1,000 – 2,500
Overall firebox volume-ft³ : 3.6
Maximum burn time :  15 h
Maximum input capacity: 310,000 BTU
Average electrical power consumption  : 432 W



The Caddy Wood Furnace has been called the Cadillac of Furnaces!

The Caddy’s combustion technology and state-of-the-art design have given the Caddy a reputation as PSG’s most efficient furnace. The new Caddy adds performance enhancing electronics to make this great heater even better.

The electronics and controls have been redesigned for greater ease of use and efficiency with just three components:

  • An integrated PC board and RTD probe to control blower speeds and plenum temperatures, optimizing home comfort and furnace performance.
  • A blower assembly equipped with a prewired main power board for plug and play convenience upon installation.
  • A touchscreen LCD control module to make input and output control a breeze.

The Caddy’s amazing performance is due to it’s built-in heat exchanger system ensuring heat travels efficiently though smoke ducts inside the furnace rather than being lost up the chimney. The result uses 30% less firewood and reduces particulate emissions up to 80%.


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