White Birch Firewood Box

A unique firewood to start the perfect evening

  • White Birch ( Betula papyrifera )
  • Sustainably harvested in the green mountains of Vermont.
  • Characteristics: Brilliant blue flame, sweet aroma.
  • Pairs well with: Exposed brick, modern accents, romantic evenings, and celebratory toasts.

Large Box 16”x14”x17”
Aprox. 50lbs
Heat Output:      (Medium)



Whether it’s the blistering heat or the bone-rattling cold, we ship your firewood box directly to your doorstep no matter where you are in the U.S. There’s no need to head to your local hardware or grocery store in the middle of a storm, hoping it has the amount you need ready and in stock. You want wood that’s ready to use the minute you get it, and our 100% kiln-dried Premier Firewood will not only ignite faster but has less smoke-producing creosote than what’s available in stores. Kindling, tinder and fatwood fire starters are included. Just go online, choose the type of firewood you want and have it delivered nationwide. Safe, easy and convenient.

Our Kiln-to-hearth program was introduced in 2021 and brings the best firewood directly to your door. Each box ships with:

Tinder: Thin and extremely flammable material. Your first ingredient when sparking something good.
Kindling: Pre-split small kindling will make every fire-building experience easier.
Fatwood: Found anywhere pine trees grow, a delightful-smelling natural fire starter.
Firewood: The main event. The best of the best kiln dried firewood.
1 Box of matches: With our exceptional kiln dried firewood, one match is all you’ll need!
How many fires: 2-4 fires


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