“Rosa L” Wood Cook Stove


Dimensions 33.5″w x33.9″h x26.3″d (not incl. trim)
Footprint 33″ wide by 24″ deep
Net Weight 422 lb
Firebox Opening Size 8.8″w x 8.3″h
Firebox Size 11.6″w x12″h x18.1″d
Oven Size 12″w x16.5″d x16.9″h
Chimney Diameter 15 cm (5.9″) (uses a 6″ pipe)
Hearth Material Cast Iron
Thermal Power 29000 BTU
Efficiency 84 %
Hourly Wood Consumption 5 lb/h


Rosa XXL is one workhorse of a cook stove. Launched in 2014 it has quickly become one of our best sellers. The main reason for this is unparalleled value for the money. Rugged, robust, simple design, powerful performance. The stove is made mainly from steel but hearth, cooktop, rings, doors, and front facade are made from cast iron. The firebox has high temperature double glass doors. There is a storage drawer underneath for pots & pans, and 2 ringed burners on the cooktop. Safety trim around the cooktop. This stove has a very large baking oven: nearly 3 cubic feet, exact same size as on the much more expensive American model. Double air control for a very impressive 85% burning efficiency.

Main Features:

Large baking oven

84% heat efficiency

Enamelled baking oven

Frame, plate, hearth, doors and rings in cast-iron

Wood drawer

Adjustable primary air

Adjustable secondary air

Pre-adjusted tertiary air


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