Tiny Wood Cook Stove Range


85% Efficiency

4.4Kw Output

Multi fuel (wood & coal)

Perfect for tiny houses, shepherds huts, cabins, and more

Smallest cook stove in our selection

Cast iron & stainless steel construction

Water boiler option

Weight: 300 lb



Living lightly off grid requires a wood stove that has much more potential than just heating the space. Our new wood cookstove has the ability to cook up a banquet of food using it’s 880 cubic inches of oven space and 221 square inches of hotplate. But it can also if required produce the entire off-grid hot water requirements for a tiny home or off grid cabin.

The top of the small cook stove is basically just one big stainless steel cooking hotplate. A stainless steel inset which can be easily removed for cleaning if required and an enamelled black outer also to facilitate easy cleaning. The wide range of cooking temperatures available across the surface of the hotplate makes it very versatile and allows a number of items to be cooked at varying speeds, all at the same time. The oven door has an inset oven thermometer with stainless steel trim to compliment the stainless steel fittings and rail option.

Whilst it is compact in proportions the same as our tiny stove that it is built around, our tiny wood cook stove range has a lot of layers! The image below shows just how many when all of layers of the auto cad are switched on at once. The new mini cooking range is an elegant combination of well designed and finished elements. each corner, every radius and union between components having been considered, re-considered and then refined, to make sure every detail is spot on.


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