“Rosa Reverse” Wood Burning Cook Stove


Dimensions 40.5″w x 33.5″h x 26.2″d
Footprint 35″ wide by 25″ deep
Net Weight 403 lb
Firebox Opening Size 13.8″w x 9.25″h
Firebox Size 14.7″w x11.4″h x12.6″d
Oven Size 9.6″w x12″h x15.1″d
Chimney Diameter 15 cm (5.9″) (uses a 6″ chimney)
Hearth Material Cast Iron
Thermal Power 34000 BTU
Efficiency 81.1 %
Hourly Wood Consumption 5 lb/h


Rosa Reverse has a larger firebox and a smaller baking oven than Rosa Maiolica: the design is “reversed”. It’s perfect if you need more heat for heating than for baking. Cooking surface is the same size as on Rosa Maiolica.

Main Features:

Oversized firebox

Panoramic firebox and baking oven

External facing in maiolica

Post-combustion system for higher efficiency

Cast iron hearth, cooktop, burner

Enamelled baking oven

Warming oven under the baking oven

Wood drawer

Chimney on the right

Adjustable primary air

Adjustable secondary air

Pre-adjusted tertiary air


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